THE CHURCH ST. PARASKEVA (13th -14th century) is a single nave church, 15 m X 6 m in size, with a nartex. A pentagonal apse is jutting out to the East. The church is built of hewn stone and bricks in rows. The southern and northern facades are ornamented with blind arches which drums are richly decorated. The motives are fishbone, sun, zigzag, checker board etc. are made of stone and bricks too. Over them decorative ornaments - round and glazed saucers are walled in. Result of later reconstruction, the roof of the church has two slopes. It is a typical cruciform church - the roof is formed as a cross and above it, in the central part, there is a drum with a dome. In the past there has been a bell-tower over the nartex. Its existence is proved by the stone stairway inside between the naos and the nartex.

There is an art gallery inside now.

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