In 18th century in Nessebar occurred economical bloom, expressed mostly in renovation of residential buildings. Gradually a new aspect of the town was created - town of well-off producers, fishermen, and shopkeepers.

Houses of Nessebar were two storied. Lower storey was built in stone and mud. Here were stored the butts of wine and all winegrower’s, fisherman’s and craftsman stock. A narrow and abrupt stairs lead towards upper floor, where around a big hall rooms are situated: two or three for the owners and their guests, a kitchen with a larder. Inside the rooms were whitewashed and outside covered with planks. While the walls of lower floor followed irregular outlines of the lot, upper floor was extended in rectangular surfaces.

The restored houses, more than 100, form picturesque architectural ensembles. One is situated around Ivan Alexander Street. Here the most interesting house is the one white washed second floor, decorated with the so-called shoulder-yoke. There is another ensemble near the Old Metropolitan church. Of great interest are the houses around the church St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel, especially the Nakov’s house and the Vardaliev’s, which is the only three-storied house.

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